SMITHS HI-PE High Performance Walk Through Metal Detector



* complete security in detection • highly visible double display provides single or mul-tiple location of weapons in transit • very high speed of detection • high immunity to external interferences • direct selection of the international security stan-dards • high reliability • local or remote programming with networking capabilities.


The HI-PE Multi Zone is a high performance walk through metal detector which exceeds all International Security Stan-dards. A“height on person”display ac-tually indicates,by means of il-luminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the person. The location zones are not fixed, as in the case of metal detectors with multiple receiver-trans-mitter coils, but are variable and continuous so as to achieve optimum resolution. The panels are washable and will not lose their shape even in humid conditions; they are also equipped with shock absor-bent edges to protect it against damages.

Locating the weapons detected:

In case of detection of a metal-lic mass, the HI-PE Multi Zone not only provides an acousti-cal and optical alarm, it also gives an illuminated “height on person” indication by means of two bar displays, which are built into the antenna of the metal detector. These may be programmed to provide a display either on both sides or on just one side of the gate. The special signal analysis system allows the zones in which the metal masses are detected to be displayed with a high degree of precision. This allows inspec-tion procedures to be reduced and consequently provides a significant increase in the rate of people passing through.

Main features:

• Adjustable sensitivity with a wide range of settings.• International Standards: immediate selection of International Security Stan-dards • High detection speed: up to 15 meters per second. • Very high immunity to both electrical and mechanicalinterference.• Programmable operation controlled by microprocessor.• Programming: via built-in keypad and RDU or RS232/RS485 serial connection to PC or computer network.• Programming access protec-ted by a mechanical lock and two alphanumeric passwords. • Cable-free automatic syn-chronization between two or more Metal Detectors at a minimum distance of 5 cm from each other.• High-integration professional electronics and maximum reliability.• Control unit incorporated into the detector. • No need for initial or periodic calibration.• Easy maintenance: the control unit can be replaced within one minute.• Detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy metal weapons.

Certification and Conformity:

• Harmless to wearers of pace-makers or other vital support systems, pregnant women and magnetic storage media (floppy disks, audio cassettes, video cassettes and similar).• Conforms to the FAA “3-Gun-Test” standard and to the NILECJ-0601-00 standards for all security levels.• Satisfies EC regulations and international standards rela-ting to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).




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