Fire Blanket Large 1.5m x 1.8m


Key Features:

  •  Fire blanket is tested to BS EN 1869:1997
  •  100% Fibreglass, non-asbestos.
  •  Non-Reusable
  •  Non-Waterproof
  •  Appropriate for homes, kitchens, offices, vehicles, schools, ships & warehouses
  •  Can be placed over small fire or wrapped around body to insulate yourself or put out fire
  •  Suitable for A and B fire types
  •  Does not expire and does not require servicing
  •  Does not include installation service

Fibreglass Blanket; 2 Sizes Available

  • 1.2m by 1.8m
  • 1.8m by 1.8m


There are situations in life when you need to have the proper knowledge and equipment to put down a fire. Accidents can happen all the time, in the kitchen, in your car, or around your home. Industrial buildings need proper fire safety equipment, just as private homes need; the damaging action of fire can lead to huge costs and even loss of human lives.

Preventing a small fire from spreading is of the utmost importance. Fire Safety SG offers a wide range of fire blankets and extinguishers for individual and corporate clients.

Comes in Handy for a Few Situations

A fire blanket is of great use if a fire breaks in the kitchen. It is recommended to have one such product nearby, to put down the fire before it spreads. Do not throw water over your stove or pan, even if the flames are quite impressive. Throwing the fire blanket over the fire instead will quickly tone it down and stop it from burning further.

Other situations when a fire blanket can truly come in handy are when someone’s clothes catch fire. By simply wrapping the person in the blanket, you will prevent further injuries from happening.

A fire blanket is made of nonflammable materials and it is an essential element of protection against accidental fires. It would be wise to have it stored inside your home or kitchen.

Fire Blankets for Industrial Use

Companies can also make good use of fire blankets. While it is common to recommend the use of a fire blanket in a kitchen or office, where small fires may break out, there are plenty of situations when such fires can happen on the premises of a business.

What are Fire Blankets Made Of?

Back in the days, fire blankets used to be made of asbestos, but, in the meantime, research showed that asbestos is a hazardous material for human health. Modern fire blankets offer great protection against fire, without using the dangerous compound. New products are made of fiberglass and aramid fibers, as well as other fire repellant fibers. If you want to extinguish a fire, you can use one of these new fire blankets, as some of them can handle temperatures up to 900 degrees Celsius. Fire Safety SG’s Fire Blankets are made of fibreglass.

How do Fire Blankets Work?

Throwing water over a small fire is not always the best solution. Fire blankets basically remove the oxygen supply from the fire, stopping it from spreading.


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