COVID-19 Automatic Disinfection and Sanitization Sprayer Tunnel


Sanitization Machine is specifically designed to protect against corona and other viruses. Available in different models with advance features Description: Fully automatic machine Affordable price Easy to install , zero Maintenance.

  • Non contact automatic body temperature detection system.
  • Non contact automatic full body sterilization.
  • Bispectral thermal imaging thermometer (personnel screening, it is internet enabled) e.t.c.
  • Automatic face recognition.
  • Automatic temperature measurement.
  • Automatic temperature alarm e.t.c.


Our full-body disinfection and sanitisation tunnel have been equipped to leave all surfaces disinfected and hygienically clean.

How does our Full-Body Disinfection  & Sanitizing Gate work?

When a person enters the full-body disinfection gate machine or disinfection channel, first of all, it scans to check the body temperature in a contactless way and alerts if it is higher than normal. Once the temperature check test is complete, then the disinfection fog gate turns on for a process of full disinfection for a full-body sanitizing including clothing, hands, body, and shoes. Generally it takes just about 3 seconds for a person to surpass a disinfection tunnel so it is quick and safe.

You can be sure that every person who has passed through the gate is fully sterilized with our automatic disinfection liquid which is alcohol-free and totally safe for human health and skin-care. Universal has been proven to effectively kills viruses, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, mold, and spores.



  • Multi-surface disinfectant cleaner (EN14476: European virus testing standard as well as the CE International certificate.
  • Bleach-free, zero alcohol, non-toxic & non-hazardous product
  • Professional electrostatic spray for quick & uniform coverage
  • Commercial vacuum cleaners rated for hazardous dust environment
  • External preparation & decontamination units
  • Full personal protective equipment (PPE).



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Weight 11 kg


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