Real time GPS GSM GPRS Car Vehicle Tracker


Turn your vehicle into your buddy with our amazing GPS/GSM/GPRS Car tracking device, which is a very powerful tool that guarantees utmost safety and security of your vehicle at your fingertip. It enables you to communicate with your vehicle as though you are communication with your friend. It has the ability to conveniently render the exact street addresses of vehicle locations when queried (via SMS). it is also able to provide precise vehicle’s location as coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) when viewed on google map.


This car tracker is based on GSM/GPRS(850/900/1800/1900MHZ)wireless telecommunication internet and GPS satillite global position system. It tracks vevicle by several ways including: SMS + map software, PDA cellphone, real time tracking
and track via your computer and google earth. it is a very Simple and useful real-time tracking device, it
Can track 10,000pcs units in platform at one time. it widely used in both simple and large-scale monitoring, emergency scheduling, location-based services, traffic safety and many other areas of management.

Main features:

Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, global use
AVL GPS tracker (Automatic Vehicle Location)
Remote cut off oil and power system
Tracking function by timing and distance interval
Data logging
With SD card slot
Multi-area fleet management
Door open alarm
ACC alarm (ignition on/off alarm)
Movement alert
Over-speed alarm
Low battery alarm
Check the vehicle state
Fuel alarm
Remote voice monitor/surveillance.




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