Combined Emergency Eyewash Shower Station (304 Stainless Steel)


Able to provide timely and professional protection, and convenient.
No installation required, may need to install or use according to the site.
Water hole to allow ample space, flush the eyes and face, there will be at hand to assist when flushing.


Centurion – Combination Emergency Eyewash Shower Station (304 Stainless Steel).

Centurion – Stainless Steel Series combination shower & eye/face wash units feature a combination eye/face wash with six aerated sprays and a rectangular bowl combined on a stainless steel stanchion with a high performance stainless steel emergency shower that is activated by a stainless steel pull rod. The Centurion Combination Stainless Steel Emergency Shower with Stainless Steel Bowl Eye/face wash is supplied with an SE-400 eye/face wash with stainless steel bowl and six aerated sprays, is compliant to the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 standard.
  • Stainless steel 8-inch shower head
  • SE-400 eye/facewash
  • Stainless Steel Pull-rod activated shower
  • Push-handle activated eye/facewash.


  • *Range of application: Suitable for nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, auto ship manufacturing, casting, painting, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, medical and other industries
  • *30MM large caliber vanities, elegant appearance, red eyes soft foam nozzle flow, compared to the ordinary eye wash nozzles to improve the cleaning efficiency of 50%.
  • *Ethoxyline resin coating Strong resistance to the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, oil and other chemical materials
  • *Main body Material:304 Stain Steel+ ABS Coating
  • *Working pressure:0.2-0.6MPa *Flowing rate 1.Shower Head:90-108L/Min 2.Eyewash flow rate12L/min.



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