Digital Video Door Bell Peephole Viewer


7 Inch Wireless Digital Peephole Viewer Home Security Smart Video Doorbell.


Digital video doorbell viewer has 4 IR LEDs which turn on automatically under poor light. Digital video doorbell viewer automatically takes and save photos in memory card when visitors press doorbell button. It has Industrial high definition color sensor, 120 degree lens and very clear image. Digital video doorbell viewer monitor situation out of the door, press monitor button to turn on the display to see outside anytime. Digital video doorbell viewer also has alarm function Ring indicates visitor’s coming and auto extends shut off when nobody answers. We hereby announce the lunch of the re-enginered DOOR BELL VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM. Digital video doorbell viewer has super power saving function. Digital video doorbell will record video for 10 seconds when record button is pressed from the indoor viewer device. Easy DIY without construction: Five minute fast assemblage of parts of the digital door viewer by yourself.


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