Digital Insulation Resistance Meter (10kV)ES3035E Multimeter Digital Tester


  • Function:insulation resistance test, voltage test
  • Rated voltage(V):250V;500V;1000V;2500V;5000V;10KV
  • Insulation resistance range(GΩ):0.01MΩ~1000GΩ
  • DC voltage range:0~1000V
  • AC voltage range:0~750V.


Function:Insulation resistance test, voltage test

Base conditions:23°C±5°C,below 75%rh

Rated voltage(V):250;500;1000;2500;5000V;10KV

Test voltage(V):rated voltage×(1±10%)

Insulation Resistance Range(GΩ):0.01MΩ~1000GΩ accuracy±3%rdg±5dgt

Insulation Resistance Insulation:0.01MΩ

DC Voltage Range:0~1000V

DC Voltage resolution:0.1V

AC Voltage Range:0~750V

AC Voltage resolution:0.1V

Output short-circuit Current:≥5mA(10KV)

Absorption Ratio and Polarization Index Measurement:Have

Power Supply:12V rechargeable battery

Backlight:Controllable gray screen backlight, suitable for use in dim places

Dispaly mode:4-bit large LCD display, gray screen backlight

LCD display size:108mm×65mm

Instrument size:L/W/H:277.2mm×227.5mm×153mm

USB interface:With USB interface, software monitoring, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, save the print

Communication Line:USB communication line 1PC

Test line:High voltage test line red 3 meter, black 1.5 meter, green line 1.5 meter

Data Storage:500 groups, “FULL” symbol indicates that storage is full

Data Review:Data review function: “MR” symbol display

Overflow Display:Exceed measurement range overflow function: “OL ” symbol display

Alarm Function:Alarm when the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value

Power Consumption:Standby: 30mA Max(backlight off)

Turn on backlight: 42mA Max

Measure:200mA Max(backlight off)

Instrument weight:2720g(including battery)

Battery voltage:When the battery voltage is low, low battery symbol “ ”will display

Automatic shut-down:automatic shutdown after 15 minutes boot

Insulation Resistance:≥50MΩ(between Measuring line and housing)

Pressure Resistance:AC3kV/50Hz 1min

Working Temperature and Humidity:-10℃~+50℃<85%RH

Storage Temperature and Humidity:-15℃~+55℃<90%RH.



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