30″ Heavy Duty Industrial Exhaust Extractor Fans(5.5KW)


Size = 30″.

Power = 5.5KW.

Airflow = 18000cm3/hr.

Revolution per minute = 1440RPM.

Voltage = 240/320V.


These are heavy duty propeller type and are used for general efficient ventilation.
Exhaust fans are used to remove the heated air and fumes from ovens, workroom, kitchen, warehouses, factory etc and are also used for ventilating commercial buildings.

  1. Light Duty Fans : It consists of totally enclosed single phase motor and the impellers are dynamically balanced for trouble free operation. They are used in offices, cabins, kitchens, bathrooms etc.
  2. Heavy Duty Fans (Ring Mounted) 12” to 48” : The fans are specifically designed for     industrial/Commercial use.

The body is constructed of a heavy mild steel, blades are broad. In order to discharge large volume of air for smooth operation.

Single phase/3 phase motors with condensers are fitted within the dome shape.


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